Any authority figure problems?

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“Now, it’s really fun to see the King when you stink. Why? Because what you want the king to know is that you are not just a little pawn in his game to be manipulated to his benefit. When you go to see the king, whomever the king is in your world, take who you are with you, and if that means you drop mud on his perfect floor, well, there you are.”

WarriorCov_500x700The Warrior explains how to live the truth of you,

how to have a healthy relationship to authority figures,

and how to be vulnerable and strong at the same time.

And this is my favourite book from the Eloheim series – I can so much relate to this!

While reading I see myself standing next to that strong and serene warrior feeling seen, respected, understood and safe.

I can’t stop reading this book again and again.

Click on the pic to get to if you want to read the really good stuff!

Or you can have a look here for more information about the work of Eloheim & The Council

Über Anja Lüder

Unabhängige Aroma-Wellness-Beraterin, Friseurmeisterin bei Sinclair's Haargarten

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