Kicking balls and punching faces…

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No, no – don’t worry  I am not going to be violent against any being!

This is to any stray thought which tries to creep into my mind and obstruct my marvellous view over infinite possibilities.

I don’t want to think you anymore!

I don’t need you anymore!

I thought you about a million times and it didn’t take me anywhere!

So just sod off and leave me alone!

Otherwise I have to be really mean, including kicking your balls and punching you in your arrogant face!

I am the boss of my mind!

I decide what I want to think and it wont be anything which includes fear, worry or past and future.

I am finished with you!

This is MY moment and I am going to fill it with being ME!

Über Anja Lüder

Unabhängige Aroma-Wellness-Beraterin, Friseurmeisterin bei Sinclair's Haargarten


  1. interesting communication… you might be adding to the fire though… our thoughts love conflict, to keep us busy… What they hate is acceptance… interesting blog, i’ll enjoy following your journey… Barbara

    • Hi Barbara, thank you for liking and following my blog…

      I love to add to the fire and if they like conflict they’ll get including a kick up their a… 😉


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