I am a millionaire…

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I was talking about plenty in a recent post. Oh I had some fun with making endless lists of things I have plenty of.

When I add all those things together I MUST be a millionaire already….

„a millionaire of things“

…or even blood cells, cells in my body anyway, cubic meters of air to breath…


There are hundreds of thousands tiny, little, medium and big things I own.

Just being ridiculously curious, I would really like to know the correct number 🙂 I may have to ask my soul to count them…and I bet I AM A MILLIONAIRE!!!

And it’s not just that, I have at least a million creative ideas swirling around in my head – like this one…



Who said something about money?

Über Anja Lüder

Unabhängige Aroma-Wellness-Beraterin, Friseurmeisterin bei Sinclair's Haargarten


  1. Hell yes, you are! 🙂 You see, good things in life don’t come cheap or expensive, they come FOR FREE! Here are some very good examples:

    – Freedom comes for free, but prisons and gurads cost money

    – Health comes for free, but medicines and hospitals cost money

    – Happiness comes for free, but drugs and alcohol that produce a fake sense of happiness cost a lot of money

    – Love comes for free, but people who try to „sell it“ will cost you a fortune.

    So, you really are a millionaire! Get used to that idea. 🙂


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